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Name just about any topic, and there is bound to be at least a handful of films made about it; the world of finance is no different. Presented for financially-minded cinephiles is a list of the best movies about money management.

Wall Street

This film cemented the phrase “greed is good” as an anthem of the 1980s. An intimidating and morally-compromised corporate tycoon takes a new stockbroker under his wing and engages in insider trading.

American Psycho

This mature thriller takes the premise of bankers and financiers being nothing but wealthy, psychopathic egotists and runs with it, sometimes while wielding an ax and laying down plastic to catch the blood.

Trading Places

This comedy also pulls double duty as an education on the basics of short selling. Eddie Murphy plays a homeless man who assists a wealthy man; the two agree to change places while two brokers wager on who will succeed and enjoy their role more.

The Big Short

This film does a great job of explaining the housing bubble and how it burst in 2008.

Margin Call

This financial drama takes the premise of a margin call and showcases what happens to an over-leveraged firm and how the consequences ensnare parties at every level, from the individual investor all the way to entire companies.

Inside Job

This award-winning financial documentary goes into fascinating detail about the economic collapse of 2008 and the systemic corruption that was a huge factor. The film is broken into five sections, addressing the corruption; the technical breakdown behind the bubble’s nature; the ensuing panic that flooded the banks when the bubble burst; the American government’s efforts to hold the banks responsible and concludes by reminding people of where matters currently stand.

Barbarians at the Gate

This film does a fantastic job of following the financial doings of a single company, Nabisco after its CEO tried to buy it into privacy and avoid revealing its insolvency. The title comes from one investor’s description of participants in the company’s hostile takeover.

The Wolf Of Wall Street

This R-rated romp dramatizes just how insane and over the top the finance life can be by focusing on the antics of Jordan Belfort. Drugs, fancy cars, extravagance everywhere; these are all staples of Belfort’s life and his office.